About us

This is us, Martina and Steffen Hopp:

In 2007 we found a way to redesign our lives.

In Swedish Lapland we live very simply but very contentedly in harmony with nature.

We rent 3 cabins and invite you to try an alternative life…

As far as possible, we process what nature gives us into food (berries, mushrooms, fish, tea, herbs), grow our own vegetables, bake bread and rolls and separate our rubbish. We live “organic” here and are happy if we can give our guests something to take with them.

However, this also has its disadvantages:

We do not have a toilet, the shared shower is in the outbuilding and is operated with rainwater in summer and water from the lake in winter. That means; Be economical with water!

The cabins do not have a TV! Drinking water is fetched with 25 liter canisters…

You can always use the sauna, provided you have enough wood.

We have all the freedom one could wish for here, because we have no immediate neighbors. Children can let off steam all day long. We can make campfires as many times as we want, or sing, dance or whatever…

Our two dogs love it when people are around. They are particularly fond of children and look forward to any variety and activity. Even anxious people immediately take them in a loving way.

We also help you to organize activities or we do something together. I think that you can discuss everything well at the campfire and plan directly on site.

It’s your vacation and we will help you make it an experience!

However, if you want to go for a walk in the city dressed up or if you want to find “all inclusive” already ready, then you will definitely not be happy here.

Even “single people” or “single travelers” are in good hands with us, so a little like family members.

So, think about it and get in touch in good time, because we only have a limited number of places here. It’s supposed to be individual.


Many greetings and happy thinking…